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Hand Tied Hair Extensions

I am proud to be offering hand tied hair extensions, the healthiest way to add dramatic length or volume to your hair. An amazing team of stylists have worked together to study all of the most popular hand tied hair extension techniques, and to develop our own unique method that we believe creates the best possible experience for you and your new hair. Read more about these extensions below, and book a free consultation with any of our stylists today to see if hand tied extensions are the right fit for you!


What are hand tied hair extensions?

Hand tied hair extensions are lengths of loose hair that are tied by hand into wefts. These should not be confused with machine tied wefts, which are similar, but are sewn together by machine. There are many ways that hand tied or machine wefts can be attached to your natural hair and many of them use sewing and micro beads. Beaded weft or sew in techniques are known for being the healthiest way to add a large amount of hair all at once, and they are the best long-term technique for dramatic transformations in length and volume.

How long do hand tied hair extensions last?

With great care, hand tied hair extensions should last anywhere from 9 months to a full year. As your hair grows the wefts will be reused, and moved up every six weeks. Taking good care of your hair extensions requires brushing regularly with the “Sheila Stotts” Hair Brush, which can be provided to you in a personal take home care package if you wish to purchase, or the “Wet Brush”. Staying out of salt water and chlorine, using the Iles Formula shampoo and conditioner, or another safe alternative paraben and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and also making sure your hair is dry before you go to sleep. This will give you the best experience with your hair extensions.

What does the process look like?

I start with a free consultation where I listen to your hair goals, and come up with a solution together that helps you achieve them. During the consultation, I will find the exact match for your hair color, length, and texture. Once we decide on a plan, I will schedule your extension appointment, and require a pre-payment deposit to place an order for your hair extensions. When your appointment date arrives, we will prep your hair and begin installing the extensions to your existing hair. The technique used is the Habit Hand-Tied Method.

How Much do Extensions Cost?

Pricing for these hair extensions vary based on the color, length, and amount of

hair being installed. All inclusive prices can range anywhere from $1500 to $3600.

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